Is the glucose test necessary and can you opt not to have it. What is it for?

I am 21 weeks pregnant right now and am supposed to have the glucose test at my next appointment. Is it absolutely necessary and can you tell your ob that you don’t want it? What is it for and what does the test intail? I know nothing about this… lol Thanks guys!!

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  1. due 01/25/10 on said:

    You usually have the glucose at 28 weeks.. you shouldn’t have it done until you’re passed 24 weeks though because it can give a wrong answer. You should have the test done because it tests for gestational diabetes. All you do is drink this sugary flat soda [that\'s what it tastes like] glucola and then an hour later you have blood drawn. You can opt out for having it done if you want to but it’s an easy test and it’ll let you know if you’re at risk for gestational diabetes.

  2. Baby Gavin due 2.16.2010 on said:

    It’s really not a big deal. It tests for gestational diabetes. For mine all I did was drink a glass of sugar water. Then I could not eat or drink anything for an hour, after that hour my blood was drawn and tested. No big deal, it’s always good to test just to make sure, because other wise it can really mess with baby’s growth and things.

  3. Renee on said:

    The first glucose test is to determine if you might have gestational diabetes. Since that can be fatal, you go right ahead and take that test. If you fail the test, they’ll give you a second one. Not everyone who fails the first test will fail the second test.

  4. Jessica on said:

    The glucose test is not bad, i got it done and the orange drink kinda tasted good. What they do is test to see how fast and how much sugar you body absorbs because when you’re pregnancy there is a chance that you develop gestural diabetes witch they can help you with the sugar level during you’re pregnancy. Its nothing bad and its worth it. All they do is make you drink a orange drink kinda taste like orange pop and then they give you a blood test 1-2 hours after.

  5. Annelisa on said:

    The glucose test is a simple blood test for blood sugar level. Some pregnant women get gestational diabetes and need to be monitored. It is necessary for your health and that of the baby.

  6. Baby#2 on said:

    I would do the test. Having gestational diabetes can be dangerous to you and your baby. It’s a harmless test and worth it. It involves drinking a sugary substance then giving blood. It’s a long process, but any test for the safety and health of your baby should be worth it. Don’t stress out about it, it’s not a big deal and as far as I know it’s required.

  7. pregnant_#2 on said:

    you just drink a liquid its orange kinda taste like pop its not that big of a deal. Just read a book for an hour and it goes by really fast.

  8. its a must.It check for Gestation diabetes

  9. Due April 14th 2010 with first on said:

    I don’t understand why some women decide to not have it done it is an easy test! I’m going for mine on friday. You just drink an orange soda type drink and then you get a blood test 1 hour later. It’s an important test for gestational diabetes.

  10. Mummy of 2 1/2, due 12th Feb. on said:

    It tests for gestational diabetes.

    This test gets confused with the glucose blood test at 28 weeks. Glucose tolerance test is only done if they have reason to believe you may be at higher risk of GD. ie, past history, family history (of GD or normal diabetes), overweight, raised sugar in a urine specimine etc…

    What it entails varies differently accross countries and states I’ve found out through talking to people but here (UK) it involves fasting from the night before, blood test, drink glucose drink, 2 hours later blood test.

    You can refuse anything you want to refuse as at the end of the day it’s your body. No one can force you to do anything.

    However, if you have got gestational diabetes and don’t get the test it will go undiagnosed and therefore unmanaged. This means you will be putting yourself and your baby in a lot of unnessessary risk. The baby may grow large, the baby may have physical development issues, the baby may have a glucose defficiency at birth and need to be in special care unit and others.

    This link will tell you more about gestational diabetes…

    This link tells you more about the glucose tolerance test…

  11. pooh20 on said:

    its to make sure u don’t have gestinal diabetes which some pregnant women get its for your baby to make sure it healthy and so are u

  12. Ethan's Mommy on said:

    You can opt to not have it done but i don’t know why you would. It is to test for gestational diabetes which can be deadly to you and the baby. All you do is drink a waterbottle sized orange sugary drink, wait and hour and then they draw blood. About half of the time the first 1 hour test comes back positive and if so they send you for the 4 hour test where the draw blood the 1st time, drink the drink and wait an hour, draw blood the 2nd time, wait an hour and draw blood one more time. If that one is also positive it is confirmed. I did both tests and it was not a big deal and worth making sure you baby will be born healthy. Why would you want to take the chance.

  13. ~*Lariena ♥'s her baby boy*~ on said:

    You’re not supposed to take the glucose test until you’re around 24-28 weeks because this is when it typically develops. I don’t see why anyone would be opposed to taking the test. It’s fairly simple. You drink a sugary drink, sit for an hour and they prick your finger for 1 drop of blood. They insert the test into a machine and in 30 seconds they can tell you wether you are at risk for having it or not. At most, the most damage it does is your finger hurts for a minute from the prick.

    Gestational diabetes effect 2-5% of women during pregnancy and it ONLY appears during pregnancy. It will go away after delivery if you do have it. Between 15-25% of women will take the test and show a possibility of having it, which then you are sent for a 3 hour test where they do the same thing, once an hour for 3 hours.

    While it is not life threatening to the mother, the symptoms are not pleasant if not kept under control, but can cause high blood pressure leading to pre-eclampsia and higher rates of c-section. However, the baby is effected many ways.. causing large growth in utero, possibility of trauma during birth due to large size, increased chance of diabetes and obesity as they grow older, jaundice and low blood sugar at birth (hypoglycemia).

    Just go ahead and take the test hun. At the most, you spend a few hours reading a good book while waiting. :o )

  14. Sheila on said:

    I find it suspicious that every single answer here recommends getting the test done, and gives the reasons for having it done. How about the reasons not to have the test done? Does this company not post answers that include anything that might dissuade a potential customer? I can’t wait to find out if my own comment gets posted. …

  15. I also find it suspicious. I don’t mean to insult anyone’s intelligence here, but: either many of you have been scared into taking the test or you’re docs or nurses that are encouraging the test. It’s so easy to scare a first-time mother into taking all kinds of tests that aren’t necessary (more money for the hospital or doctor), and moms who have already had children might assume it’s required. It’s not.

    I didn’t have a glucose test with my second child and would have refused it if it had been suggested. I had a three-hour one with my first child and it was a very long day that never seemed to end (3-hour test). I knew I didn’t have GD and the test proved it, but I felt that it was completely unnecessary and a waste of my time. Unless you’re pre-disposed to diabetes or have obvious symptoms, why put yourself through it?

    Ladies, take charge of your pregnancies. Educate yourselves and insist on some autonomy during the time you’re pregnant. You have a voice; use it.

  16. Natasha on said:

    My Doula suggested that we can opt out of the test for sure as it is our body and the glucose drink is about 20 spoons of sugar if nothing it could cause more harm esp if your diet is good in veggies. But if you do eat sugary foods and ice creams etc then better to take the test but if your diet is organic and healthy then no need.

  17. John@Top Surgeons India on said:

    This test is done to determine if you suffer from gestational diabetes or glucose intolerance of pregnancy. It is usually offered to most women around 28 weeks gestation. However, if you have a family history of diabetes or had gestational diabetes in a previous pregnancy they may test you earlier. There are also guidelines that say not everyone needs to be tested for gestational diabetes, though it is routine in many places.

  18. That much refined sugar is not good for anyone, especially the baby growing inside me. I eat a very healthy diet low in refined sugar so I know that I am going to be just fine without the test. That is why I, and I’m sure many other moms, opt out of this test.

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