How long should you fast before a 3 hour glucose test?

I have a test at 8 in the morning tomorrow. My doctor never even told me I had to fast but I’m assuming I do. Should I stop eating 12 hours prior or should I stop after midnight? And is it okay to at least drink water in the morning, as long as it isn’t anything else like juice?

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9 comments on “How long should you fast before a 3 hour glucose test?

  1. crissy on said:

    dont eat after midnight and im sure waters ok but ring and ask befor you have anything

  2. Elisa B on said:

    12 hours before!! Good Luck!!

  3. chonnie on said:

    consume nothing after 12a

  4. mommy of two on said:

    i didnt have to fast for mine?

  5. Waiting for Maya....! on said:

    No eating after 10 pm. I had a 7:30 am appt. and that’s what I was told. I also passed the 3 hr test… so I sat there for nothing!!!.. Good luck with yours!! No water either!

  6. Gab&Thomas on said:

    I just had mine. My doc recommended not eating any carbs or anything with sugar in it 12 hours before the test. They are testing for sugars in your blood, your not going in for surgery. So things like water is ok! I just wouldn’t eat a bagel with jam! Also, it’s a good idea to eat something like a piece of celery or something cause that drink they give you makes you sick!!!!

  7. meppa30 on said:

    You have to fast for 12 hours before the test or it will give faulty results.

    Have done many before and have to another one in three weeks.

  8. honesty&wisdom on said:

    mine was at 8 in the morn and i wasn’t supposed to eat after 8 pm the night before and i was allowed to drink water.

  9. Soldiers wife on said:

    When I went to take my 3 hour they told me to fast for 8 hours. As far as the water you can drink all you want! If I was you I would also bring a water bottle with you to the testing b/c after you drink the stuff you will want some water, b/c what you will drink this time is sicking sweet, and very thick, way worse than what you drank the 1st. time, so the water might help settle your tummy.

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